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Surface Pen 814 Yellow

Heiyo Microsoft certification surface 4096 pressure sensitive stylus go pro 6 capacitance pen fine head painting touch screen pen yellow [Surface only]
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Surface Pen
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User-friendly design: The tip of the anti-friction plastic capacitive pen is very smooth. This surface digital pen has an erase button design that allows you to easily erase lines with the push of a button. The tip of the pen is 1.5 mm in diameter for a more accurate writing experience. Ideal for writing, drawing, marking, signing, and taking notes anytime, anywhere.
High-quality safety materials: This surface-active pen body is made of ABS plastic material which is non-toxic, light and convenient for daily use. Don't worry that the kids will put it in their mouths. The Microsoft Surface Pen is designed for students and children. This touch screen pen does not require a Bluetooth connection.
Low power consumption: Surface professional pen and AAAA battery support 200 hours of learning time and 360 days of standby, and passed FCC certification. You only need to press the button on the right for 5 seconds to turn on the power, and press for 10 seconds to turn off the power.
Palmprint culling function: The palmprint culling function automatically recognizes the test leads, making your writing feel free. This surface positioning pen is very lightweight and the thickness of the stylus is perfect for writing. The pen has a diameter of 1.2 cm and the pen tip can be written for more than 20 kilometers.
Microsoft Certified: Surface Pen is Microsoft Certified, confirming your security and sensitivity, 100% compatible with Surface Pro 3/Surface Pro 4/New Surface Pro/Surface Go/Surface Laptop/Surface Book Series/Surface Studio. With Windows 10 system, there is no delay and offset when writing. lifetime warranty!
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Surface Pen 814 Yellow